Regular Checkups

toothbrushesDental Care must be actively worked at in order to eliminate the possibility of periodontal (bone and gum) problems over the long term.

Upon completion of your initial dental care, you will be placed on our continuing care list and will be contacted when it's time for your next checkup. In this way, regular preventative care can be provided to maintain a high standard of oral health. We also recommend booking your next hygiene appointment when you leave. This will ensure that you get the appointment time you prefer.

Checkup visits are customized to each person's unique needs. For some, healthy gums can be maintained by a polishing of teeth by one of our certified dental assistants once every six to twelve months.

For others, long term periodontal health can only be maintained by specialized deep cleaning by our dental hygienists, perhaps at 3 or 4 month intervals. A lot depends on the amount of effort that you provide in looking after your teeth and gums. A more active role on your part will mean less treatment on our in order to achieve the same healthy result.

flosscardOccasionally, additional X-rays will be recommended in order for a complete diagnosis to be made. Any problems that have arisen since your previous visit will require future reserved appointment time unless they are of an emergency nature.